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“I have been going for physical therapy for many years and have worked with many therapists.  By far, Sam Cyriac is the most skilled and attentive physical therapist that I have met.  He spends the full session with me and does not send me off to do independent activities.  He understands the issues and knows how to identify problem areas and we work towards improving my mobility”….Gail H.

“I spent a lot of time and money with another PT in the city, got a special arthogram MRI done, went to the surgeon who thankfully still recommended PT rather than surgery. Then a friend of mine strongly recommended Sam. The MRI did show a couple of tears etc. Sam focused on the symptoms and categorically told me that my symptoms were not caused by tears but muscles not engaging. I was feeling better after the first visit and after the 2nd visit fully resumed all activities”… Sandeep B.

“…my back was fixed in 2 sessions, and I’ve never had issues since”…sports related shoulder problem which is more severe and hes been great. He has thorough knowledge of the body and explains every exercise really well to give context to why hes doing or making me do something. I’ve seen good improvements…” Lalit B.

“I appreciate that while at the clinic he works with hands to fix issues.  A very knowledgeable PT”…. Mark, J

Read more reviews on google or yelp