Patient Testimonials

  • I do not know where to start when talking about Sam...( and the lovely crew at Omni Physical Therapy) Sam was recommended to me by a co-worker during the conversation where I complained about shoulder pain that I had been experiencing over a year period...I went to Sam and after speaking to me and examining me, he was able to determine the root cause of where the pain was coming from. He came up with a treatment plan and worked with me to help alleviate the pain...which he did! I could not believe it...I had been to countless doctors, none of which were able to help. I no longer suffer from the pain, and Sam has given me tools to help prevent the pain from coming back. I still visit from time to time for different pains that I may experience, and as always, he is able to both educate me on prevention and to help the healing. I have recommended other colleagues of mine to Sam and all have come back to tell me how he has helped them and they can not believe they waited so long to see him. DON'T WAIT! You will be amazed by how in tune he is with your body and how knowledgeable he is.
    C. C.
  • Sam is amazing! He always knows just what your body needs that day and how to fix it, using what I call his magic technique. I have a small meniscus tear and after five sessions, I've gone from limping every day to walking normally with just minor twinges. Of course, I had to put in the work but he knows just what exercises and/or treatments I need that day. I highly recommend him.
    Gisele Hardeen
  • I hardly write any review but this time I feel that I need to voice my opinion. I have neck pain for over 2 years; tried acupuncture, chiropractor, 7-needles therapy, and have gone through 5 different physical therapists. The latest recommendation was to have "Botox" injection. Then I learned about Myofascial Release through a friend. Sam is absolutely "MAGICAL" ! During my 3rd session, he "straightened my neck to hold up my head".... which I realized now that I wasn't able to before. It's an extremely great sensation. My neck pain is little less and I'm confidence that Sam will continue his great MFR. Thank-you Sam!
    Annie Ng
  • I felt different after one visit. You don't realize how much pain you are functioning with in a daily basis. After Sam worked his magic I felt 5 years younger. When I went to the gym I felt like I do so much more than I usually do. I really appreciate the holistic approach and how Sam explains how everything in the body is connected. It teaches you how to listen to your body better. I just started and I can't stop talking about the progress I've made.
    Andrea C.
  • I highly recommend Omni Physical Therapy and Sam, the Chief Therapist. Sam and his team make going for PT a pleasant and comfortable experience. Sam is very skilled, and surprised me with his approach to my case. He was able to find so many contributing factors to my presenting problem (e.g., how I walk, tight muscles in other areas of my body, and asymmetries in my bone structure). I am grateful for his care. I felt immediate relief, and, now, after a few sessions, am back to where I was just a few months ago. Thank you Sam and the Omni team!
    Markar N.
  • I have been going to Omni Physical therapy for a couple of years. They're great at helping you ease the pain, whether it be an injury or Arthritis. My time there is always a positive one. My right shoulder was in great pain due to Arthritis and at Omni I have learned many techniques to make the pain less severe. Thank You Omni Physical Therapy.
    Carlos H.
  • After more than 6 years of radiating neck/arm pain, I finally found someone to help me. I was referred to Sam and was told that he was a really good physical therapist. Sam is not just really good, he is GREAT! He attentively listens and commits to getting results. Within 4 sessions, I am nearly pain-free! Sam is not your average physical therapist, there is something very special about him. He is extremely knowledgeable and he truly cares about helping his patients. His approach to helping me was completely different than anything I had experienced in the past, and thankfully so, because I am finally feeling better. I have had physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, epidurals, and finally surgery. Even with all that, I was still in chronic pain and mentally spent. Finding Sam has changed my life. If you live with any kind of pain, I highly recommend that you make an appointment with him. He will carefully listen and commit to helping you.
    Amy M.
  • Omni Physical Therapy has helped me immensely. Sam is extremely knowledgeable and is amazing at what he does. He has helped me with not only the problem I came in with but with others too. Everybody in the office is so kind, and I am glad I went here!
    Katie D.
  • After hearing about the amazing results my colleagues had from PT with Sam, I made an appointment for an evaluation and treatment with him for lower back pain and related issues. After 4 visits, saying I feel better is an understatement. I sit, sleep and move better. Sam's methods are very effective. He quickly pinpointed a few problem areas and came up with a treatment plan. I wish I had gone to him months ago. His skill and knowledge are incredible, and he is very personable. I highly recommend Omni PT.
    Sal V.
  • Sam was great. I had some running injuries and he worked with me over the course of 8 weeks to get me back to normal and I was able to finish the Half Marathon I was training for. Thanks Sam! I'll miss the cheese grater!
    Stacey C.
  • I appreciate that while at the clinic he works with hands to fix issues. A very knowledgeable PT.
    Mark J.
  • …my back was fixed in 2 sessions, and I’ve never had issues since”…sports related shoulder problem which is more severe and he's been great. He has thorough knowledge of the body and explains every exercise really well to give context to why hes doing or making me do something. I’ve seen good improvements…
    Lalit B.
  • I spent a lot of time and money with another PT in the city, got a special arthogram MRI done, went to the surgeon who thankfully still recommended PT rather than surgery. Then a friend of mine strongly recommended Sam. The MRI did show a couple of tears etc. Sam focused on the symptoms and categorically told me that my symptoms were not caused by tears but muscles not engaging. I was feeling better after the first visit and after the 2nd visit fully resumed all activities.
    Sandeep B.
  • After 4 visits, saying I feel better is an understatement. I sit, sleep and move better. He quickly pinpointed a few problem areas and came up with a treatment plan.
    James D.
  • I have been going for physical therapy for many years and have worked with many therapists. By far, Sam Cyriac is the most skilled and attentive physical therapist that I have met. He spends the full session with me and does not send me off to do independent activities. He understands the issues and knows how to identify problem areas and we work towards improving my mobility.
    Gail H.
  • After 4 visits, saying I feel better is an understatement. I sit, sleep and move better. He quickly pinpointed a few problem areas and came up with a treatment plan
    Stacey C