Most patients who are eligible to come to a physical therapy clinic are also eligible for physical therapy at home. Medicare and most private insurances consider in-home physical therapy on par with the outpatient setting.

Your unique circumstance might make it not only convenient but necessary for you to receive therapy at home. Difficulty walking, doing activities of daily living, balance problems, postural problems, difficulty getting off the bed, recent Illness or exacerbation, prior hospitalization or surgery are common conditions for which we provide in-house therapy.

Why In-Home Physical Therapy?

If you are unable to come to our clinic, our clinic can come to you! Experience world-class one on one physical therapy in the comfort of your home. No more traveling or waiting in traffic, receive therapy at the privacy of your home.

How Much Time is each Visit?

Each visit will be 45-55 minutes and during this time the therapist will perform one-on-one care. After the initial visit, the therapist will develop a plan of care with you and any other referring healthcare provider involved in your care.

Will the therapist have equipment for my care?

Our physical therapists will bring home all the necessary equipment for the therapy provided. If required, patients are expected to notify us of any need of assistive devices such as walkers or canes.

Please contact us today to learn more or to schedule an In-Home Physical Therapy Evaluation