What We Treat

Foot and Ankle Pain Relief Uniondale, NY

Ankle Pain

Don’t Let Ankle Pain Hold You Back! Experience the benefits of a…

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Pain Relief for Arthritis Uniondale, NY


Discover Pain Relief For Arthritis at Omni Physical Therapy & Wellness Take…

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Sciatica and Back Pain Relief Uniondale, NY

Back Pain

Are you searching for back pain relief? Don’t let lower back pain…

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Balance and Gait Disorders Uniondale, NY

Balance Disorders

Improve Your Balance with Physical Therapy Let Omni Physical Therapy & Wellness…

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Dizziness & Vertigo Uniondale, NY


Are you in need of relief from your dizziness? Omni Physical Therapy…

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Elbow Pain

Are you tired of living with elbow pain? Omni Physical Therapy &…

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Foot Pain

Physical Therapy for Foot Pain Can Provide Relief Experience Lasting Relief from…

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Gait Disorders

Omni Physical Therapy & Wellness Can Help You Resolve Your Gait Disorders…

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Hand Pain

Are you struggling with hand pain? Discover Unparalleled Hand Pain Relief at…

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Hip Pain

Say Goodbye To Hip Pain! Discover how Omni Physical Therapy & Wellness…

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Hip and Knee Pain Relief Uniondale, NY

Knee Pain

Say Goodbye To Knee Pain With Physical Therapy! Omni Physical Therapy &…

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Neck Pain Relief Uniondale, NY

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Hindering Your Daily Life? Find Relief with Physical Therapy Physical…

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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Uniondale, NY

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Find the Relief You Need After Your Procedure with Post-Surgical Rehab Ready…

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Sciatica Pain

Stop Suffering from Sciatica Omni Physical Therapy & Wellness provides Natural Ways…

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Shoulder Pain Relief Uniondale, NY

Shoulder Pain

You Don’t Have to Live with Shoulder Pain Any Longer Shoulder Pain…

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Sports Injuries Clinic Uniondale, NY

Sports Injuries

Don’t Settle for the Sidelines – Relieve Your Sports Injury with Physical…

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Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Pain Relief Uniondale, NY

Wrist Pain

It’s Time To Put An End To Your Wrist Pain Omni Physical…

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TMJ Dysfunction Uniondale, NY

TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ Dysfunction Can Be Difficult to Live With – PT Can Help…

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Get Vertigo Relief With Physical Therapy Vertigo can be a debilitating condition…

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