Movement Therapy Uniondale, NY

Movement Therapy

Life is formed, sustained and regulated through movements. People of all times have recognized the importance of movement and flexibility. The healthier and efficient our bodies are will result in graceful and normal movement patterns.

Restricted and abnormal movement patterns produce and propagate injuries, disease and pain. Restoring or normalizing movement patterns promotes healing and life. The eastern forms of movement therapies such as yoga and tai-chi are making use of this very principle.

What are the benefits of movement therapy?

Our physical therapist will restore mobility through manual therapy and then guide your body through ranges of movements producing mobilization of joints, deep muscles, fascia, internal organs and nerves. This unique body movement therapy integrates the best components of Yoga, Tai­chi, Pilates and the Feldenkrais method.

Initial guided movement therapy we instruct will soon integrate into your functional movement and sports improving your efficiency countering imbalances of your body systems.

Later, as you progress your form and strength, resistance will be added to challenge and strengthen.

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We have a fully equipped gym equipped to train at any fitness level. We have multiple weight systems, treadmills, elliptical machines, cybex machines, stationary bikes, circuit trainers and the likes.

Whatever your strength and conditioning need at the moment is, we are uniquely equipped to meet them. We have equipments to target every muscle in your body. For more information, Contact us at Uniondale, NY center.