Sam Cyriac

Sam Cyriac, PT

Sam Cyriac is a highly skilled Physical Therapist with experiences that highlight 20 years of national and international experience. His quest to be an exceptional therapist has lead him to receive numerous accolades in his field.

Selected through a competitive exam from among hundreds of therapists, he received a scholarship to complete his Masters in Musculoskeletal and Manual Therapy. Sam has completed advanced training in Maitland, Mulligan, Mckenzie approach, muscle energy technique, Craniosacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Yoga therapy and taping techniques to name a few.

The evidence-based clinical reasoning practices, experience-based osteopathic approaches and other eastern approaches, have helped him to develop a unique holistic approach to physical therapy.

Prior to entering full-time clinical practice, he worked as an assistant professor in Physical therapy. He has worked with the Paralympic Association events and as PT in several other international sporting events.

He is an American Physical Therapy Association member and accredited clinical instructor who helps other therapists and therapy students develop and refine their skill set.

When he is not working with his patients he loves spending time with his wife and three children or reading and exploring biblical studies.