C. C.

Jul13th 2018

I do not know where to start when talking about Sam…( and the lovely crew at Omni Physical Therapy) Sam was recommended to me by a co-worker during the conversation where I complained about shoulder pain that I had been experiencing over a year period…I went to Sam and after speaking to me and examining me, he was able to determine the root cause of where the pain was coming from. He came up with a treatment plan and worked with me to help alleviate the pain…which he did! I could not believe it…I had been to countless doctors, none of which were able to help. I no longer suffer from the pain, and Sam has given me tools to help prevent the pain from coming back. I still visit from time to time for different pains that I may experience, and as always, he is able to both educate me on prevention and to help the healing. I have recommended other colleagues of mine to Sam and all have come back to tell me how he has helped them and they can not believe they waited so long to see him. DON’T WAIT! You will be amazed by how in tune he is with your body and how knowledgeable he is.