Physical Therapy Can Help With Gymnastic Injuries

Physical Therapy Can Help With Gymnastic Injuries

Physical Therapy Can Help With Gymnastic Injuries

Have you struggled to get back on the beam after rolling your ankle? Do you notice your back still hurts after doing a back walkover? At Omni Physical Therapy in Uniondale, NY, we have physical therapists who specialize in working with gymnasts.

We understand the training and commitment needed to compete. Most importantly, we can help you recover from an injury and learn preventative strategies to keep you doing what you love!

Gymnasts experience a multitude of injuries. Gymnastics is one of the most demanding sports in America, both physically and mentally. The athlete learns a skill early on and then trains their bodies to look graceful while performing it.

Gymnasts must use their arms and legs to be both powerful and flexible. The need for training and competition put them at risk for injury to almost any joint in the body.

Fortunately, our therapists are experts at ensuring your recovery and safe return to the sport. We are proud to be the go-to physical therapist in for return to cheer and gymnastics rehabilitation, performance, and screening!⁣⁣

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Common gymnastics injuries

Globally, gymnastics is one of the most popular sports, exposing athletes to persistent and potentially severe injuries. The intense training needed to compete at a high level also makes a gymnast susceptible to overuse injuries, especially in the wrists, lumbar spine, and lower limbs.

The most common gymnastics injuries include:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Wrist fractures
  • Cartilage injuries (i.e., shoulder, hip, and knees)
  • Knee ACL tears
  • Low back pain
  • Spinal fractures and herniated discs
  • Achilles tendon strains or tears

The more gymnasts practice, the more likely they will develop pain or sustain an injury. Women often suffer more severe injuries and need surgical intervention to repair their injuries.

In addition, women tend to experience injuries to their lower extremities (i.e., hips, knees, and ankles). Men experience more injuries to their upper bodies (i.e., shoulders, elbows, and wrists).

At Omni Physical Therapy in Uniondale, NY, our team of physical therapists can help work with you to modify your training regimen to decrease your risk of injury and lost time competing from injury.

How physical therapy can help gymnasts

Our physical therapists help these athletes in a variety of ways. We will start with an injury evaluation and a biomechanical assessment to identify all the factors contributing to the injury. This will consist of a thorough history to understand more about the training schedule, the demands on the body, and the athlete’s overall health status.

We will use this information to develop a comprehensive program that includes targeted manual techniques, mobility work, strengthening, and appropriate pain relief techniques for the individual athlete.

Your physical therapist will then incorporate sport-specific treatments with a “return to sport” progression to assist you in a safe return to training and competition. Every good therapy program will include injury prevention strategies that ensure you stay doing what you love!

What to expect with physical therapy for gymnastic injuries

Rehabilitation at Omni Physical Therapy in Uniondale, NY should immediately follow most injuries to ensure the fastest recovery possible.

A physical therapist with sports rehab experience will conduct a thorough evaluation of the athlete to determine the injury’s severity and identify any other weaknesses or limitations that may affect the athlete’s recovery, stability, or strength.

Next, your therapist at Omni Physical Therapy in Uniondale, NY will create a targeted, individualized plan of care for you to promote accelerated recovery and future injury prevention.

For example, your physical therapist will guide you through exercises designed to help the injury and return to your pre-injury abilities. We will start with pain management and restoring mobility to the injured area.

Next, we will focus on progressing your strength and dynamic stability exercises designed to restore function and prevent injuries. We will also incorporate balance and coordination exercises to stimulate the nervous system and help ensure you can land in the correct position to avoid future injury.

Physical therapy at Omni Physical Therapy will provide the foundation for successful training while reducing future injuries!

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At Omni Physical Therapy in Uniondale, NY, our physical therapists are skilled experts at treating gymnastic-related or sports injuries.

We have proven success with treating gymnasts and athletes of all skill levels. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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