6 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help You Improve Your Physical Health

6 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help You Improve Your Physical Health

Physical Therapy

Is your physical health getting you down? A person’s physical health has a strong correlation to mood and vice versa. Those with active lifestyles tend to have longer lifespans, reports the Mayo Clinic, and they may realize significant benefits, such as weight loss, muscle gain and more. However, increasing your level of physical activity can be difficult. So, consider visiting a physical therapist at Omni Physical Therapy Services now to review the top ways physical therapy may boost your overall health.

Physical Therapy Improves Energy Levels.

Physical therapy focuses on improving range of motion and activity, and according to Harvard Health Publishing, improved activity levels are associated with an increase in energy. Those with pain may also experience a higher level of mobility and energy with less pain as well.

It Provides a First-Line Option for Treatment of Tissue Damage.

A 2018 study, reports the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), found the application of physical therapy holds promise in treating tissue damage. While the study was specific to meniscal tears, it alludes to additional benefits for other tissue injuries. As a result, those with injuries or a history of injury may find improved stamina with continued exercise and therapy.

Therapy Offers Improved Management of Chronic and Stress-Induced Pain.

Physical therapy also improves management of chronic and stress-induced pain. According to MoveForwardPT, moving more coincides with a decrease of up to 28% in a person’s perception of pain. More importantly, those that received an education about their pain and its impacts, as well as how therapy treats pain, were more likely to experience less pain with treatment.

Physical Activity Boosts Mood and Reduces Risk of Mental Health Problems.

An improved mental mood and state are additional benefits of therapy. Continued participation in physical therapy and routine exercise boosts mental awareness and mood, notes the National Institutes of Health. This improvement translates into lower risk for anxiety, depression and mental instability. In addition, those with a better mood were less likely to experience pain and inflammation.

Regular Physical Therapy May Reduce Risk for Injury and Cardiovascular Issues.

The strengthening of joints and muscles in therapy may also reduce risk of injury in routine activities. Stronger muscles can recover faster, reducing the likelihood of injury from repetitive stress. More importantly, an active lifestyle provides a protective effect against major health problems, such as stroke and heart attack.

Non-Invasive Principles Offer an Opioid- and Surgery-Free Option.

Finally, the biggest benefit of health from therapy derives from its noninvasive nature. Since it does not involve medications or surgery, a person is less likely to develop subsequent infections, complications or side effects. Ultimately, it presents as a safer alternative to opioid and surgical treatment options.

Take Advantage of Physical Therapy’s Health Benefits.

Participating in therapy offers multiple health benefits that do not derive from a pill. As a result, its risk for side effects is considerably lower than the risks associated with medication treatment. Of course, seeing a licensed physical therapist is key to reaping maximum benefits and avoiding injury. Boost your physical health by requesting an appointment with a physical therapist at our location in Uniondale, NY online now.